Botanical Skin Luxuries

Artisan soap bars, salves, balms & serums made with pure essential oils, Earth clays, organic botanical infusions and skin-loving butters & oils. Every ingredient is carefully chosen for it's individual skin-loving qualities, and we know your skin will appreciate the difference! Made by hand in small batches in the majestic Pacific Northwest.



Welcome to the world of botanical possibility!   We take great pleasure in... 


Our all natural herbal body butters are whipped to a velvety mousse.... 


Naturebound Soap Co’s hair care products are carefully formulated to support hair... 

  • All Natural Skin Care

    "Michelle makes my all time favorite soaps! The eucalyptus scent is so fresh and natural. Unlike a lot of other soaps, the scent isn't artificial and strikes a good balance of fragrance but isn't overwhelming. The soap itself is very moisturizing and always lasts me a long time. She also doesn't use any artificial dyes so it's all natural. The bar itself is always aesthetic as well so it looks nice."


  • Artisan Soap Bars

    "Absolutely beautiful and inspired. All these soaps were going to be gifts, but now I'm finding it hard to part with them I love them so much. It seems so much love and thought and imagination goes into these beauties."


  • Natural Deodorant

    "This deodorant is the best natural deodorant I’ve tried. It absorbs SO well and lasts all day. Highly recommend!"