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Lavender & Citrus Moisturizing Shampoo Bars are infused with aloe vera, coconut milk and plantain leaf, specifically chosen for their moisturizing & soothing properties. Great for all hair types, and especially effective for dry, brittle and damaged hair. These botanical allies combine with mango seed butter, luxurious oils, and quality essential oils to leave hair radiant, bouncy and soft. Available in Family Size, or Minis.

Commercial and store-bought shampoos often contain harsh detergent and cleansers that strip hair of its natural oils and dry out the scalp, leaving hair dull and lifeless. These ingredients also negatively impact the health of our environment as they enter our waterways.

Naturebound Soap Cos hair care products are formulated to support hair health, provide moisture and to nourish hair from the roots to the tips.

**Natural soap bars naturally have a higher pH than store bought and commercial shampoos. We recommend following with one of our solid conditioner bars, a vinegar rinse, or your favorite conditioner to soothe the cuticle & pump up the shine**


* lavandin (spike lavender) essential oil: soothes the scalp, promotes hair growth, soothing to the mind & spirit
* lemon & orange essential oils: bright & uplifting
* olive and coconut oils: penetrate and seal the hair shaft to enhance growth and deeply hydrate for thick, strong and silky hair
* castor oil: locks in moisture to improve texture and density while restoring strength and minimizing breakage
* sunflower oil: non-GMO, light & moisture-rich
* wild plantain leaf (plantago major & plantago minor): balancing & soothing, good for itchy & tight feeling scalp
* coconut milk: moisture rich, smooth the cuticle, anti-inflammatory, vitamin rich
* aloe vera: conditioning and soothing
other: Indigo leaf, rhubarb root.

- vegan
- plastic-free, environmentally friendly ingredients
- luxurious lather
- pure essential oils
- great for travel (TSA compliant)
- hydrating, moisturizing & strengthening
- sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate free
- paraben free

I make & cut every soap bar myself in my soapery in Redmond, WA. All ingredients are chosen by me, ensuring control over quality, design, and effectiveness. My formulas are my own, and I love using organic & wild botanicals and seasonal ingredients.

Our luxury soap & shampoo bars are cured for 4-6 weeks, resulting in firmer & gentler bars that will last longer.

Variations between bars and batches may occur.

We NEVER use synthetic micas, dyes or fragrance. All products are made without parabens, SLS, detergents or surfactants.

SOAP BAR CARE: Natural soap & shampoo bars last longest when a draining soap dish is used, allowing bars to dry between uses.

SOAP BAR LONGEVITY: Properly cured soap bars, made with the freshest oils, like ours, will never expire! Please do note, that direct sunlight may fade botanically derived colors & essential oils may fade with time. Storing bars in a cool, dry, dark cupboard will help to retain scent & color longer when not in use.
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"Keep close to Nature's heart...and break clear away, once in awhile and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean."

-John Muir

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